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May 24, 2017
Hey Wealthy Mind!

It’s Billionaire P.A. here still in route to inspire one billion people to speak their dreams into existence.

This week I reflected on the advice my grandmother gave me when I was 18-years-old. She said "if you decide to do something positive, make sure you charge them for it."

It got me wondering why so many of us undercharge for our services and products?

Why do so many of us accept salaries we know undercut our value?

Why do we settle for jobs that pay us pennies when we deserve so much more?

The answer?


The wealthy mindset necessary to believe in the value you bring to this world.

If you knew your job made your boss $1 million a day, would you let him pay you $1 to do it?

Absolutely not.

You would demand your worth.  

But I have a secret for you. You are worth a million a day. You are worth a BILLION a day. You are worth a TRILLION.

Are you doubting my words?

Are you asking yourself why?

Here's my response: why not?

Believe in your worth. Believe in your confidence. Believe you are valuable beyond measure.

This week I want to share three important lessons that will develop your confidence so you believe in your success.

"The value of your mind is more powerful than the value of a dollar!" - Billionaire P.A.

Lesson #1 - Know Your Strengths & Weaknesses.

Do what you do well. Ask for help with the rest. Pride and ego is what keeps many talented people from reaching their greatest potential. Don't let your ego keep you broke. Stop feeling like you have to carry the weight of your vision on your shoulders. There are people in your life who are there to open doors you wouldn't have seen before.

Lesson #2 - Expect Success.

We talk about this a lot but I want to reiterate it: your words are POWERFUL. Your expectations dictate the words you speak. If you expect failure, then failure is what comes to pass. If you expect success, then success is what comes to pass. Expect your vision to turn out exactly the way you see it.

Lesson #3 - Trust Your Capabilities.

Believe in your power. Believe in your value. Believe you have already achieved everything you've dreamed of. Trust in the skill and experience you've been granted.

To celebrate this week's lesson, I want to leave you with a video that empowers you to speak your existence today. (Want the full book of quotes? Don't forget to grab your copy at
Have a wealthy day!  

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I appreciate your existence. Have a WEALTHY day!
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