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April 19, 2017
Hey Wealthy Mind!

It’s Billionaire P.A. here still in route to inspire one billion people to speak their dreams into existence.

This week I did some research on the morning routines of our nation's most successful individuals.

You know what I found out?

Those in the top 1% don't lazily roll out of bed, aimlessly wandering around trying to piece their day together.

On the contrary, research shows that the top 1% - the most successful minds in our country - wake up with intention.

They wake up with a plan. They wake up with a purpose. They wake up ready to conquer their day.

So let me ask you a question:

What's your morning routine?

Are you waking up with intention?

Or are you just letting the day pull you left and right, constantly playing catch up as the hours pass you by?

This week I want to share an important lesson I learned on how to have a wealthy morning routine so you can tackle each day with intention.

"Speak Your Dreams Into Existence." - Billionaire P.A.

Lesson #1 - Start Your Day With Gratitude.

Research shows that a spirit of gratitude awakens our minds to receive the greatest ideas and "aha" moments we can imagine. When we are grateful for what God has given us now, we open ourselves up to receive even greater blessings from Him in the future. Start your morning by giving God thanks and recognizing the blessings He's put in your life that day.

Lesson #2 - Identify Your Priority Task For The Day.

Many people wake up and think of the dozens of tasks they need to accomplish over the next 24 hours. From laundry to projects to dinner to homework, the list goes on and on.  

But did you know that not everything on your "priority" list is actually a priority? Research shows that the most successful minds in our country don't wake up with a "to-do" list. Instead, they wake up with an intention to tackle the most high value, urgent task of the day.

Perhaps it's to make a sales call. Perhaps it's to finish a website. Perhaps it's to write a paper. Perhaps it's to work on your new book. Whatever the one task is that gets you closer to living your greatest life, make that the priority task of the day.

Lesson #3 - Work On Your Priority Task For 30 Minutes.

Now here is the most important step. When you've identified your priority task of the day, don't put it off. Tackle it first in the morning, when you have the most energy of the day, for at least 30 minutes.

If you put off working on your priority task until later in the day, you risk running out of the time and/or energy you need to accomplish it. But if you tackle your priority task first thing in the morning - for 30 minutes each morning - you'll see more progress on your greatest life goals than most people see in a year.

Tackle your priority task first - and watch success unfold around you as a result.

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Have a wealthy day!  

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I appreciate your existence.

- Billionaire P.A.
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