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May 24, 2017
Hey Wealthy Mind!

It’s Billionaire P.A. here still in route to inspire one billion people to speak their dreams into existence.

This week I am sharing three important lessons that empower you to speak your dreams into existence. (Want the full book of quotes? Don't forget to grab your copy at

"A negative mind will never give you a positive life." - Billionaire P.A.

Lesson #1 - Monitor Your Thoughts.

As we speak our dreams into existence, we must anticipate our words by watching our thoughts. How do you do this? By measuring your feelings.

Every two hours, stop and ask yourself, "how do I feel right now? Do I feel positive and inspired? Or do I feel anxious and depressed?" If you feel positive and inspired, fantastic! That means you'll be speaking words of positivity and inspiration.  

But if you're feeling anxious and depressed, change your frequency. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones so you speak your dreams into existence with abundance and success.

Lesson #2 - Speak Your Affirmations.

Preemptively affirm your belief by starting your day with positive affirmations. After you wake up in the morning, repeat words of affirmation that declare your success and victory.  

Many people wait until they're feeling discouraged to say their affirmations. Why wait? Start your day with affirmations and continue them throughout your routine so you consistently keep a wealthy mindset.

Lesson #3 - Silence Negative Talk.

Believe in your power. Believe in your value. Believe you have already achieved everything you've dreamed of. Trust in the skill and experience you've been granted.

The importance of applying this lesson is critical to your success. When a word or phrase comes to your mouth that goes against your victory, silence it. Put it down. Blow it out. Get rid of it.

Even when you have the urge to throw yourself a pity party and whine and complain, silence negative talk. Don't give the enemy even an inch. Speak your dreams into existence with positive words of victory from here on out.

I want to leave you with a video that empowers you to speak your dreams into existence today. Please click below to watch it on YouTube now.

Want the full book of quotes? Don't forget to grab your copy at
Have a wealthy day!  

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I appreciate your existence. Have a WEALTHY day!
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